Emergency Accommodation

We provide a safe and comfortable place to stay for over 700 people every night in the Bristol and West of England area. 

Our Emergency Accommodation service works with statutory agencies across the South West to place homeless families and individuals on a temporary and emergency basis.

Our accommodation is staffed 24 hours a day and set up to be very flexible to meeting the changing needs of our customers. We mostly provide independent, self-contained accommodation, which gives people the greatest level of privacy and flexibility possible.

If you are in need of accommodation in an emergency, please contact your local housing authority or social services, as we are unable to accept direct or self-referrals to our accommodation.


South Gloucestershire:

Bath and North East Somerset:

North Somerset:


If you are a representative of a statutory agency and would like to place people with our Emergency Accommodation service, please contact our Allocations Manager on 07912 583054.

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