Our Team

The Connolly & Callaghan Group employs a total of <> people across its different divisions.

We are an Equal Opportunities employer with an ethnically diverse workforce. Our staff understand the cultural issues faced by incoming clients and speak a wide range of languages, including Polish, Somali, Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi, Russian, Spanish and Albanian.

Although our workforce has grown since we started as a small family company in 1985, we still maintain a strong caring ethos and have many long-term employees who perform a diverse range of roles but all share the ethical values that are at the heart of our business.

Connolly & Callaghan strives to be a caring employer, and we believe this is reflected in the fact that a considerable number of our staff have worked for us for many years.

Key Staff

Mairead Connolly, <> 
Mairead is responsible for managing a diverse range of projects for Connolly & Callaghan. She has a unique personal insight into the company, having visited some of the hostels from an early age to visit her father. Alongside her degree studies, Mairead spent her summers working at Connolly & Callaghan and then went on to join the company in 2015.

Graham Jones, Maintenance Manager
Graham co-ordinates the in-house maintenance team of nine, which is key to the smooth running of the hostels and provides planned general maintenance and a swift response to emergency repairs, which can range from plumbing leaks to boilers breakdowns.

As part of Connolly & Callaghan’s policy of providing a highly-responsive maintenance service, Graham and his team always aim to beat the official response time of a minimum of 48 hours for emergency repairs by resolving them as quickly as possible.


Josie Cawley, Allocations Manager
Josie heads a team that is based across six primary ‘clusters’ of accommodation, who are involved with handling bookings, cleaning and housekeeping, and are the daily point of contact with clients.

Josie has been with Connolly & Callaghan for over 20 years. Initially, she was a volunteer, and then was employed as a cleaner, before progressing to a warden and ultimately a manager. For the past 15 years she has been Allocations Manger, and aims to deal with clients’ needs in a swift and professional manner – and always with compassion.

Sharon Winter, Senior Administrator


Staff within the Connolly & Callaghan Group all share our belief in:

A sustainable society,
in which individuals can develop and grow,
based on respect for each other, nature and the planet we depend on.