Sustainable Britain

Sustainable Britain exists to help create truly sustainable local communities that are rich in social, environmental and financial capital, as the property development business within C&C. We believe that building new homes in the UK can be done in a way that far better serves the needs and desires of the communities that live in them.

By working closely with local communities to meet their needs, we deliver an end-to-end development process that delivers high quality housing within a rich cultural context, creating a sustainable market for new housing.

Connolly and Callaghan

C&C set up Sustainable Britain in order to further its property development through building homes using straw bale technology. Prior to this, the company successfully built Bristol's first Grade 4 environmentally friendly apartments.
We are the largest provider of emergency accommodation in the Bristol area, providing accommodation to families with no other shelter on a nightly basis.


A sustainable society,
in which individuals can develop and grow,
based on respect for each other, nature and the planet we depend on.