About us

The Connolly & Callaghan Group is a property business with an ethical approach. We have been working in the property industry for over 30 years, and our focus is upon property development with strong social and environmental values, and provision of Emergency Accommodation across the West of England.

In 2010, C&C set up Sustainable Britain in order to further its development of sustainable, residential properties. Prior to this, C&C successfully built Bristol's first grade 4 environmentally friendly apartments.

C&C is currently the largest provider of emergency accommodation in the Bristol area, providing accommodation to families with no other shelter.

The main companies within the Connolly & Callaghan Group are:

Connolly & Callaghan Ltd 


Sustainable Britain Ltd 



Our commitment to the environment is realised through the work of Sustainable Britain Ltd, which was formed in 2013 with the aim of constructing high quality housing with a commitment to social and environmental values based upon three fundamental principles:

Affordability- Homes constructed and sold at an open market value.

Sustainability - Homes built to high environmental standards, including up to 90 per cent reduction in heating costs of a standard home.

Community - Homes built in partnership with the local community in selected projects to foster genuine community spirit from the outset.

Sustainable Britain builds super-insulated homes that are carbon negative and at the forefront of sustainable construction and energy performance.

Sustainable Britain is utilising straw bale construction to build homes with thermal performance up to three times higher than current building regulations, and to make large-scale, carbon-negative building a commercial reality.

The commitment of Connolly & Callaghan to meeting essential community needs through practical partnerships and shared values led to the Hamilton House project.

For many years, Hamilton House was a vacant and neglected office block in the Stokes Croft area of central Bristol. In 2008, C&C invited some friends to create a centre for the community.

Since then, the Coexist group has created a community space in which people can grow, share, collaborate and lean together. C&C has provided ongoing support to Coexist to achieve long term social, environmental and financial stability.

Hamilton House is open seven days a week offering community space, meeting rooms, events and exhibition spaces. Over two hundred building users are based at Hamilton House including painters, designers, film and music producers, jewellers, photographers, animators, and festival organisers. Organisations based here include Coexist Community Kitchen, InAlignment Dance Studios, the Wellbeing therapy centre, and Bristol Bike Project.

Our commitment to social responsibility is realised through Connolly & Callaghan Ltd. The company was formed in 1985 to provide a practical response towards accommodating people who were homeless or at risk of homelessness. Today, it is still involved in the charitable and social housing sectors through the provision of shelter for society’s most vulnerable.

C&C is the largest provider of Emergency Accommodation in the Bristol area, with a portfolio of 370 rooms. These include shared accommodation; one, two and three bedroom self-contained flats; houses and bungalows. This makes it possible to accommodate the majority of individuals or families who have been referred, whatever their needs.

Direct referrals are taken from a wide range of statutory agencies, primarily from the West of England area.

A sustainable society,
in which individuals can develop and grow,
based on respect for each other, nature and the planet we depend on.