Our Aim:

A sustainable society,
in which individuals can develop and grow,
based on respect for each other, nature and the planet we depend on.


To encourage movement towards this, we address such challenges as:

Social Housing

We believe that any civilised society should ensure that all of its citizens receive the basic human rights, including food and shelter.

As a social landlord, we provide emergency accommodation to several hundred homeless people every night of the year.  This acts as a safety net for those most in need in our society, from which they can rebuild their lives.

Creating Homes: Eco-Friendly Construction

The growth in homelessness in the UK is ultimately down to the lack of affordable homes
, with new construction far below the level needed.  That is why C&C has created over 300 homes from unutilised buildings and brown-field sites around Bristol. 

For housing to be truly affordable, we need to develop innovative ownership models.  So C&C works in the community to develop ideas about community land trusts, cohousing and custom house-building. 

Structural Unemployment

It can be nearly impossible for people to lift themselves out of the unemployment/homelessness cycle, so C&C provides jobs for its homeless residents when it can.

Recognising the need for a new model of job-creation, we also supported the creation of the Coexist community hub in our head office (Hamilton House), which provides flexible low-cost rental to charities and ethical businesses.  This currently provides over 200 jobs and has greatly benefitted the local area.  Representatives of many government agencies 

Partnerships for Healthy Communities

We recognise that healthy, sustainable communities result from people in the private, charitable and government sectors working collaboratively.

In addition to supporting the creation of the community hub “Coexist”, we have sponsored community groups working on renewable energies, pilot schemes to reduce reoffending by ex-prisoners and the development of cohousing models. 

Sustainable Use of Resources

C&C funds research into the use of natural materials in construction, ensuring sustainable use of resources and reducing energy costs for the occupiers.  We also use eco-friendly design and building methods.

This approach helps the environment, removes fuel poverty and improves the quality of life for residents.  


Our homes include: 

  • The use of natural materials that capture carbon in the buildings themselves, 
  • Highly insulating walls to reduce energy bills, 
  • Renewable energy generation and 
  • Rainwater harvesting.